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GMW83RP HVAC Temperature, Humidity and CO2 Sensor for DCV, Wall Model, Voltage outputs.

The Vaisala GMW80 series CARBOCAP® carbon dioxide and temperature transmitters are wall-mount transmitters designed to fulfill the needs for CO2 measurements in standard demand controlled ventilation (DCV) and Indoor air quality monitoring (IAQ). The CO2 measurement is based on a second generation CARBOCAP® sensor, which uses a novel, silicon-based microchip emitter.

The internal reference in the CO2 sensor guarantees the best stability and operation also in constantly occupied buildings without frequent readjustments.

The CARBOCAP® sensors give correct CO2 measurements immediately when powered on. Proper operation can be verified immediately after snapping on the device cover.

The GMW83RP uses the interchangeable Vaisala INTERCAP® humidity sensor which requires no recalibration when the sensor is replaced. The sensor is also insensitive to dust as well as to most chemicals.

The GMW83RP also includes a Pt1000 RTD Class F 0.15 IEC 60751 (Class A) that can be wired to a controller for temperature measurement

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There is an optional traceable calibration certificate that includes 2 points for CO2 (1000 ppm and 2000 ppm), one Relative Humidity point (apr.30%RH) and one Temperature point (apr 23°C).

The package includes:

  • GMW83RP transmitter

Watch the installation video of Vaisala's GMW80 transmitter series:

GMW83RP HVAC Temperature, Humidity and CO2 Sensor for DCV, Wall Model, Voltage outputs.
  • GMW83DRP: CO2, RH and Temperature outputs.Pt1000, Display
  • GMW83RP: CO2, RH and Temperature outputs.Pt1000
  • GMW83DRPC: CO2, RH and Temperature outputs.Pt1000, Display and Calibration Certificate (not shown)
  • GMW83RPC: CO2, RH and Temperature outputs.Pt1000, Calibration Certificate (not shown)
Standard delivery time for single unit: 1 week
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Warranty: 24 months
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Measurement parameter(s)Carbon dioxide
Measurement range0 ... 2000 ppm CO2
0 ... +50 °C (+32 ... +122 °F) T
0 ... 95 %RH
Measurement accuracy± (30 ppm + 3 % of reading)
±0.5 °C T AND
Pt1000 Class F0.15 IEC 60751
±3%RH (0 ... 80 %RH)
Operating temperature0 ... +50 °C (+32 ... +122 °F)
Operating voltage18 … 35 VDC, 24 VAC ± 20% 50/60 Hz
Analog outputs0 ... 10 V
Housing classificationIP30
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