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Weather Transmitter WXT530​​ Series - Heated, with recommended accessories

The WXT530 is a unique series of all-in-one weather instruments that provides six of the most important weather parameters, which are air pressure, temperature, humidity, rainfall, wind speed and direction. With 6 versions (WXT531, WXT532, WXT533, WXT534, WXT535, WXT536), you can choose measurement parameter combinations that fit for your application.

Comparison of Vaisala WXT530 Series Transmitter models WXT531, WXT532, WXT533, WXT534, WXT535, WXT536

*WXT530 also provides possibility to integrate additional analog sensors (available in WXT536 version) and to output analog signal 0...20 mA or 4...20 mA (available in WXT532 version for wind speed and direction only). For this configuration, or any other questions about the WXT530 series, please contact Vaisala Sales for more information.

Key benefits and features:

  • Proven sensor technologies used by leading meteorological agencies
  • Ultrasonic WINDCAP® wind sensor has no moving parts and provides accurate wind speed and direction measurement; acoustic RAINCAP® sensor operates without flooding, clogging, wetting, and evaporation losses and provide maintenance-free operation; combined PTU module (barometric pressure BAROCAP®, temperature, and humidity HUMICAP® measurements) uses capacitive measurement for each parameter.
  • Compliance with marine standard IEC60945 and DNV GL approved
  • Very low power consumption (typical 3.5mA at 12 VDC) is ideal for battery and solar panel powered system
  • Compact design, light-weight, single cabling for all measurements and secure one bolt mounting make installation and deployment easy and fast

This package includes the following accessories and features to enable a quick and easy installation and setup:

  • 10 meter sensor cable with 8-pin M12 connector on one end and open leads on other end, to connect to a power source (item code: 222288)
  • USB service cable + Vaisala Configuration Tool software, to connect to a computer and set up your device or change the device configuration (item code: 220614)
  • Mounting adapter for 30 mm tube, to enable quick installation in the field (item code: 212792)
  • Using the Configuration Tool software, the user can change communication protocol from RS232 to SDI-12 or RS485
  • Heating for wind and rain sensor; crucial to prevent snow and ice forming on the sensors. The user can enable or disable heating by using Configuration Tool software
  • User's Guide in English

We offer also an unheated, sensor-only version of WXT530 series models, without accessories.

Watch the video about Vaisala's WXT530 series:

WXT536 replaces WXT520 Weather Transmitter. WXT532 replaces WMT52 Ultrasonic Wind Sensor. For WXT520 and WMT52 customers, Vaisala also offers a modernization service.

Weather Transmitter WXT530​​ Series - Heated, with recommended accessories
Weather Transmitter WXT530​​ Series
Standard delivery time for single unit: 1 week
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Warranty: 12 months
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Measurement parameter(s)
Model Rain Wind Speed, Wind Direction Pressure, Temperature, Relative Humidity
Measurement rangeWind Speed: 0 ... 60 m/s
Wind Direction: 0 ... 360°
Barometric Pressure: 600 ... 1100 hPa
Air Temperature: -52 ... +60 °C
Relative Humidity: 0 ... 100 %RH
Rain and Hail: Cumulative accumulation after the latest automatic or manual reset
Measurement accuracyWind Speed: ±3 % at 10 m/s
Wind Direction: ±3.0° at 10 m/s
Barometric Pressure: ±0.5 hPa at 0 … +30 °C ±1 hPa at -52 … +60 °C
Air Temperature: ±0.3 °C at 20 °C (for sensor element)
Relative Humidity: ±3 %RH at 0 ... 90 %RH ±5 %RH at 90 ... 100 %RH
Operating temperature-52 … +60 °C
Operating voltage6 ... 24 VDC (-10 ... +30 %)
Digital outputsSDI-12, RS-232, RS-485
Housing classificationIP66 with mounting adapter
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